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About Us

Tina Nichols

Tina Nichols

I was born and raised in Germany and immigrated to the US in 1986. I am married and I have two grown children, two grand children and a dog.  I love art and crafts, animals and music.  I create one of a kind collectible items made of wool and polymer clay, needle work/embroidery and I also draw and paint artwork. 


All of my offerings are original designs and are individually created by hand and are not mass produced. I spend many hours in my "Woman Cave" listening to music and designing, drawing, felting or crafting my one of a kind creations.

It is a long journey from an inspiration to the drawing board,the creation and the finalization of the end product. But it doesn't end there just yet, once a product is finished it is photographed,l isted and once sold carefully packaged and shipped via priority mail to it's final destination.

I have been creative ever since I can remember and I love the challenge of making something wonderful out of basic and natural materials and to turn them into something that will make you happy and excited when you receive an item created by me.